We are pleased to offer you following services


Flight Supervision

Contract Services

  • ATC plan
  • Notam Briefing
  • Weather Briefing
  • Enroute Slot Coordination
  • Airport Slot Coordination
  • Supervision of on and offload of an aircraft
  • Loadplan
  • Delay management
  • Flight following services
  • Onboard flight management
  • Ground Handling
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Catering
  • Crew Hotac
  • Transportation
  • Fuelling


  This offer is a modular and may go so far as to provide a complete tunaround management service for our customers. Services are provided either by Hahn Flight Service at locations where the company is present or by Partners carefully selected by us at other locations.

In partnership with our customers, we can design solutions that optimise the total cost of their ground operations. Services will be tailored according to the indivitual request of our customer.